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Jacob Mühlrad – Tefila

Jacob Mühlrad

Rarely has a composer made such a break through as Jacob Mühlrad. One of the highlights of this year’s festival is the performance of his new work Tefila, comissioned by JFA and inspired by this year’s festival theme.

“Ceremonial Dramaturgy in an Art Musical Context” A constant study of ceremonial dramaturgy implemented in an art musical context. Thus Jacob himself describes his way of approaching composing.

“Jacob Mühlrad is a star in steep ascension with several major works behind him, such as the chorus Thought and thought.” – Margaretha Sörenson Expressen


Tefila means “to pray” and the word itself has roots in the words “to think, to evaluate oneself”.

The five-piece work is premiered in parts during the festival’s thematic concerts in order to be performed in its entirety at the end of the festival and to summarize this year’s theme.

The five thematic concerts:

(O)naturliga variationer

Med ryggen mot framtiden

Vive la revolution

Teknikens under