Welcome to Järna Festival Academy 2022!

Finally, we can invite you to a full-fledged festival week with fantastic music, wonderful artists and many completely unique events. Järna Festival Academy, the chamber music festival that is connected to the big questions, is this year examining what we can do NOW to turn climate development in the right direction under the festival theme NOW!

In the festival program we find classics such as Schubert’s Octet and Schumann’s Piano Quintet as well as more unknown masterpieces such as Helena Munktell’s Violin sonata and Valborg Aulin’s String quartet. Elin Rombo sings romances by Hugo Alfvén, the audience favorite Carnaval des Animaux by Saint-Saens and new acquaintances such as Kaija Saariaho’s Seven Butterflies are also on the program, as well as a performance based on Andri Snaer Magnason’s highly prised book On Time and Water.

In addition to the festival theme, there is the exclusive slow-concert Open Skyspace where Bach’s cello suites are performed in James Turell’s world-famous art installation Skyspace and a guest performance by renowned jazz singer Amanda Ginsburg with friends. We also offer a unique performance of John Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear this legendary music in its entirety in Sweden for the first time in 20 years! In addition, there are children’s performances, brunch concerts, panel discussions, student concerts, hiking concerts and much more!

New for this year is that the festival begins with the race Running for Beethoven, the giant event where music meets sports! Read more and register here.

Järna Festival Academy is a festival that with a focus on music and sustainability wants to encourage thought, conversation and action. As part of this, all participants travel to Järna from all over Europe by train and we also want to encourage our dear audience to travel collectively with our free buses that go to / from Södertälje commuter trains before and after our concerts.

A warm welcome to Järna Festival Academy, a chamber music festival for the future!